Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fantasia Barrino Stirs up Controversy about Gay Marriage on her Instagram

American Idol Season 3 Winner wrote on Instagram.

"I Rise ABOVE IT ALL!!! THE WORLD IS GONE MAD. KIDS, THE GOVERMENT, THE church House… Everybody Trying!!!!!!! It's a lot that going on that the Bible speaks about we should Not be doing. Weed legal in some places, Gay Marriage Legal BUT YET IM JUDGED!!! Im not doing Nothing for you… My Life!!!!"

With all the drama in her personal life. I Guess she felt the need to express her position on being judged. But this turned into backlash and started an up roar with her fans on the social mrdia sites. Leaving many offended! 

What do you think?

I think she is trying to say she is a firm believer in God. PEOPLE MAKE MISTAKES AND THE COUNTRY WE LIVE IN IS HYPOCRITICAL. People judge her but in reality only God can.

After all the arguable comments she got in response to her instagram post her management released this statement to calm matters and set the record straight.

"Ms. Barrino is not now, nor has she ever been an opponent of the LGBT community. She has supported and performed at numerous events that are sponsored by the LGBT community. Whether it’s through a live performance or placement on social media, Ms. Barrino uses every opportunity to reach out and connect with her fans, all of her fans"

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