Lets Talk about Sex

Below are some Sites and topics that you can visit that might interest you.  When it comes to sex, it is the most pleasurable experience for a human being but it is important to have Safe Sex.

7 Ways to have Safer Sex!!!

The 411 on Birth control Methods!!

10 Surprising Health benefits of Sex!!

Why do black men cheat?: Avoiding men who are players


 I Love Female Orgasm: An Extraordinary Orgasm Guide

Fun Facts
A Recent survey shows that about 57% of women have orgasms most of every time they have sex, while 95% say their partner orgasms every time they have sex. So basically 80% of women fake orgasms.

The average Briton has slept with nine people, exposing him or her to 3,917,918 sexual partnersHow Many people have you really had sex with?
Try this Online Calculator here.
See how many sexual partners you had sex with indirectly!
The Results might Shock you.


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