Saturday, January 19, 2013

Beyonce 2013 HBO Documentary/Super Bowl

Beyonce will direct and star in a HBO documentary of her life and career.   " Beyonce said in a statement. "Some of my favorite shows are on HBO, so I am excited that my film will be part of its bold programming. This film was so personal to me, it had to have the right home.” The documentary, set to Premiere on February 16, will include footage of concert performances, a look at her formative years through family home movies, and much more.

Check out The TEASER to "Life Is But A Dream" Documentary on HBO


Beyonce  also signed a multi-year endorsement deal with Pepsi reportedly worth $50 million. The campaign includes television and radio commercials, magazine ads and a limited-edition run of her image on Pepsi cans. The only other artist to be pictured on a Pepsi can was Michael Jackson. The Beyonce edition will be available in early 2013. Pepsi is sponsoring the February 3 Super Bowl XLVII halftime show, which Beyonce will headline.   

With so much on the line composing
 the perfect Haftime setlist is critical.

Beyonce is going to Reunite with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams to belt out a medley of Destiny’s Child Hits. The rest of her Set is a complete mystery.

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