Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mens fashion news. The buzz cut is back!

Today, you will see one form of the buzz cut or another on magazine covers, runways, television, or just on the street. It has managed to stay in style for years and probably will be for years to come.

The buzz cut hairstyle has several different variations. The one that is most synonymous with the military is something called “The High and Tight”. The sides and back of the head are shaved to just a shadow of hair, while the top 1/4 to 1/3 is left longer. The “Flat Top” is shone shorter on the sides and back also, but the top is leveled off flat. A “Brush Cut” is similar to the “Flat Top”, but the longer top hair is curved to follow the rounded shape of the head and the crown of the hair is brushed upward, hence the name. There is also a Hip Hop version of the buzz cut that has sharper edging and is more creative with design details and the incorporation of facial hair in the total look.
Check out ludacris;

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