Friday, May 11, 2012



via (WAFB)

Baton Rouge rapper Lil Boosie, whose real name is Torence Hatch, has been found not guilty of murder. The jury deliberated for about an hour.
Supporters cheered outside the 19th Judicial Courthouse in Baton Rouge once the verdict was announced. Hatch and his defense team hugged and began crying once the verdict was read.
"All I can do is give the glory to God because I knew he was never guilty," said Connie Hatch, the rapper's mother. "He's crying and he knew from the beginning he was never guilty."
"This man has been innocent," said defense attorney Jason Williams. "He's been innocent this whole time. Fans across the whole world have been praying for this. And, I thank God that justice was swift. I thank God that the truth came out."
After a week of testimony and deliberation in a murder trial stemming from a 2009 case, jurors in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, found rapper Lil Boosie (born Torrence Hatch) not guilty of a first-degree murder charge on Friday (May 11). The rapper was facing life in prison if convicted. Boosie is currently serving an eight-year sentence for non-related drug charges, but WBRZ reported that the 29-year-old was able to beat seemingly insurmountable odds in a murder trial in which he was accused of ordering primary witness Michael "Marlo Mike" Louding to murder Terry Boyd. The 35-year-old was shot to death in his home in Baton Rouge in October 2009.

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